ASHOKA® Diamond Dinner

The Sparkling Diamond Dinner

In a mesmerizing showcase of elegance and artistry, the Ashoka Diamond Dinner event graced the stage at Queensland Ballet, creating an evening of enchantment that will linger in our memories. Guests were treated to a night of opulence and glamour, where each pirouette and arabesque was accompanied by the dazzling glimmer of Ashoka Diamonds.

The ambiance was filled with a sense of refined luxury, as the event unfolded seamlessly, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all attendees.

We were honoured to have Hilary Gale, Li Cunxin AO and Mary Li in attendance for such a beautiful evening. Hilary flew from New York while Li Cunxin was attending in celebration of his upcoming retirement. Along with all other attendees we were thrilled to have such a fabulous gathering of guests for what was a truly spectacular evening.

Hilary Gale

Director of Operations,
New York City

Li Cunxin AO

Artistic director,
Queensland Ballet, Brisbane

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“The partnership between McKinney’s Jewellers and ASHOKA® is a beautiful partnership”

- Eve Goldberg, owner of ASHOKA® Diamond at William Goldberg


ASHOKA's, 62 elongated facets and precise cut capture and transform light like no other. Compared to an emerald cut diamond of the same carat size, an ASHOKA, cut diamond appears thirty percent larger.

“ASHOKA® Diamond was found by my father William Goldberg 70 years ago. He made so many positive changes to the diamond industry in New York and Worldwide. He was the president for the Diamond Club and he allow women as member for the first time back in the 80s. They name the street in New York, 48th and 5th Avenue Will Goldberg Way. My father cared about beauty, really an artist. He brought out the beauty of every stone, everything have to be perfect! My father liked to say ‘Diamond bring joy into people’s life’”.