June Birthstone: Pearl

Beautiful, natural and full of wonder, Pearl is the treasured birthstone of June.
Pearls are the only gemstone that emanates from a living organism, so to wear a Pearl is to wear a spectacular, true piece of nature.

June Birthstone: Pearl

Since ancient times, Pearls have been considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and associated with light and purity.
People have believed that they bring love, luck, wisdom and peace.

Australian South Sea, Tahitian, Keshi and Akoya Pearls each offer their very own characteristics. To learn more about these fabulous gemstones, or to find the perfect piece to compliment your lifestyle, visit us at 1000 Ann today.

18ct white gold south sea keshi pearl necklet with
diamond set peanut enhancers.
From left: south sea pearl & diamond halo ring, australian south sea pearl & diamond set pendant, south sea pearl & diamond earrings, Tahitian pearl & sapphire earrings.

Australian pearls are the largest and the finest quality produced in the world, starting at 10 millimetres in diameter (a size where Japanese pearls peak) and may grow to 20 millimetres (and very occasionally even larger). They are highly regarded for their durability, size and longevity grown from a very healthy and robust shell, they don’t require any treatment to enhance their lustre.