Marco Bicego Craftsmanship

Marco Bicego jewellery is a distinctly Italian take on the goldsmith tradition, where the skill of master goldsmithing is expressed at its highest level. Unparalleled craftsmanship. 


Our master craftsmen are endowed with the unique gift of creating emotion. Custodians of Vicenza’s goldsmith tradition, they have a talent and a passion that no machine could ever replace. Know-how and skills passed down from generation to generation, like a precious heirloom.

Made In Italy

Marco Bicego has always attached the greatest importance to the craftsmanship of his designs, using highly qualified and experienced craftsmen.

By his own accord, all the collections are made in Italy in the very heart of the company. The workshop in Trissino, in the province of Vicenza, is where all these small goldsmithing masterpieces are created using 18-carat gold. They are combined with carefully selected stones boasting exclusive cuts to accentuate their beauty. The workmanship is all done by hand, respecting the traditional goldsmithing techniques to create the engraving and coil finishes, which is why each piece of jewellery is uniquely one-of-a-kind.

Despite the company’s international outlook and notable expansion over the years, Marco Bicego was determined to keep the end-to-end production process and headquarters in Trissino, due of the strong bond with the territory and community that the company is proud to be part of.

A tribute to craftsmanship, to authentic Made in Italy design.

The Coil Technique

Resulting from a sudden insight, the spiral-wound strand technique is exclusive to the brand. An extremely fine 18-carat gold strand is crafted and shaped by the expert hands of craftsmen, who give it its soft and sinuous form.


“I was still working in my father’s company when I spotted a chain that had been discarded because of a defect, waiting to be remelted. That’s when inspiration struck”.

Marco Bicego


It was the year 2000 when a machine designed for processing gold jammed, resulting in long, spiralling twisted strand being released. The craftsman was about to melt it down again, but Marco Bicego had spotted something special in that strand, a new way of making and creating jewellery. He decided to take advantage of that unexpected event by trying to develop a specific production method would allow him to obtain that very same spiral. The exclusive coil technique was born from this unexpected insight, which led to the launch of the Marrakech collection.


The Technique

An extremely fine 18-carat gold strand is wound in a spiral around a core – that is likewise made of gold – before being shaped by the expert hands of craftsmen, who give it its soft and sinuous form. The silhouette of these golden ribbons evokes the dunes of the African desert, gently shaped by the wind to reflect the sunlight in a dazzling manner. The spiral is lightweight yet robust, delicate yet versatile, reproducible yet simultaneously unique.

Marco Bicego made his debut as a designer in the year 2000 with Marrakech, which remains one of the brand’s most distinctive and iconic collections.

Burin Engraving

Handcrafted burin engraving is a testimony to the longstanding tradition and artisanal heritage of goldsmithing in Vicenza, where the brand Marco Bicego still has its roots. It results in the creation of unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery that is flawless with its carefully-considered imperfections.

Silky Touch

The “millerighe” burin creates both a visual and tactile finish on metal surfaces, with tiny grooves following the same direction that result in a satisfying, silky sensation to the touch.