The Collectors Edition

Introducing the Argyle Pink Diamond, a rare Australian Jewel

Atop an Anthill

The Story of The Australian Pink Diamond.

With the recent closure of the Argyle Mine, the Argyle pink diamond is fast becoming a treasured collectible. Located in the Kimberley region, in Western Australia, the Argyle mine was once the producer of over 90% of the world’s rare pink diamonds until it’s closure in 2020. Our collector’s edition presents a unique opportunity to acquire a curated selection of limited addition Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Certified by the renowned Antwerp based international Gemological Institute (IGI), our Argyle pink diamond collection is the only independently security sealed products with a verified Argyle Mine origin.

The story of the Argyle pink diamond began atop an anthill in Kimberley, Western Australia, over 40 years ago. Ants famously bring unwanted obstacles to the surface, one day this unwanted obstacle included rare pink diamonds that would change the diamond industry forever.

Discovered in 1979 the Argyle Mine generated more than 865 million carats of rough diamonds and became the world’s largest producer of natural coloured diamonds. The certified design of this series pays homage to the discovery of the Argyle Mine.

A rare, finite commodity.

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